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Scrap Car Removal
Your Favourite Same Day Scrap Car Removal Service in Melbourne
If you are looking forward to experts who can tow away your old, unused car for some handsome cash, right on the spot, your search ends at Cash 4 Cars 247. With some of the most experienced and skilled technicians, and with a mission and vision to make all our customers 100% satisfied, we come up with the same cash for scrap car removal service in Melbourne that will get you the price that you truly deserve for your old, scrap, redundant cars.
Our Melbourne cash for scrap car removal service is Compact & Comprehensive
One of mainstays of our service has been promptness, professionalism and simplicity. In fact, since the first days, the mission and vision of our service has been not only to get the best price for their vehicles, but to do so in a seamless way.

Things start rolling with your call that you make, stating the condition of your car. One good thing about us is that, we tow away vehicles of every make and model, regardless of age and condition thereof. After we have the info, we offer you a rough quote and once you agree to it and book an appointment we conduct a firsthand inspection and pay you the price that you deserve for it, right on the spot and tow away with the vehicle.

That’s how simple our service is.

Therefore, when you put stakes on us, you can be sure of no needless wait, no broken or failed promise, no cumbersome paperwork.

It’s all in a day’s work, as we offer immediate same day towing service at no extra cost. Besides, we also offer eco-friendly dismantling and recycling service, free.

We at 24×7 Scrap Car Service Tow Away “Everything”
At Cash 4 Cars 247, we tow away whatever vehicle you have, regardless of the model and make, age and conditions. They make include:
  • Cars. including sedans and other models
  • UTEs and 4WDs
  • SUVs
  • Truck, vans, trailers and other commercial vehicles
We take away cars that are old and outdated, scrap and redundant, deemed to be unsafe for plying, vehicles that are now junk, or are accident damaged or flood damaged.
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Do not wait if you want to get rid of your old car. Just call us and let us know about your car and its condition. We will do the rest.
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